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Hi! I'm Rachel Zeltinger and I would like to welcome you to the
Dream Girls U.S.A.TM Photo Galleries! Be sure to see all
the new Royalty Queens by Clicking on the drop down menu
bar for the GREAT 18th Anniversary!

YOU are invited to join us this year and make the choice
to start your journey with Dream Girls U.S.A.TM!

Rachel Zeltinger of North Dakota
Dream Girls U.S.A.TM
National Overall Queen of Queens

Queen of Queens is a great honor to win. This title goes to the One National Queen from the prior year with the Overall Best
Reign of the Year.  ANY title you may hold with Dream Girls U.S.A.TM is a special opportunity to be a part of a tradition of excellence as you represent SELF, TITLE, and the PAGEANT to the best of your abilities.  Always be true to yourself, showcase your individuality, enhance your role model and leadership skills, and Dream your Dream as you reach for your goals!
Best Wishes everyone...

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